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        hbying splicing screen projects are all over the world, with rich experience and excellent reputation

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        Case study on LED display screen of life science and technology regulated by Hengsheng Center

        Release time:2019-12-25

        Guangzhou Hengsheng Central Control Life Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in life engineering project development; nutrition and health consulting services; health science project research and development; health science project research results transfer; health science project research results technology promotion; beauty fitness consulting services; biotechnology promotion Services, etc., is a comprehensive large-scale enterprise.


        With years of development, Guangzhou Hengsheng Central Control Life Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved significant results, and has taken a leading position in the industry in all business sectors. Recently, the company has expanded its development plan, improved its internal culture, and created its own brand concept. , To enrich the soft power of the enterprise, and introduce the indoor high-definition LED display as a large-scale terminal display device in the company's internal exhibition hall, so that it can better promote its products, technology, service characteristics, etc. to the company's inspection users; it can also serve as an internal company meeting event The theme background boards for, departmental activities, entertainment activities, etc., are of great quality.

        As-built drawing:


        This LED display project parameter details

        Contractor: Shenzhen Winbond Technology Co., Ltd.

        Product model: HBY-YN2.5

        Pixel pitch: 2.5mm

        Full screen resolution: 160000

        Contrast ratio: 7000:1

        Power consumption: 325W/h

        Refresh rate: 3840

        Brightness: 600-1200nits

        Module size: 320*160

        Service life: 100000h

        Application scenario: indoor exhibition hall

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        Indoor P2.5 Indoor HD LED Display, Product Model: HBY-YN2.5

        Full screen resolution: 160000 Pixel pitch: 2.5mm, life span: 100000h

        Module size: 320*160mm Refresh rate: 3840 Brightness: 600-1200nits

        Ultra-high brightness, it is still clearly visible from a long distance under strong sunlight; it adopts multiple scanning technologies and modular design requirements, which has higher reliability and stability;

        Say goodbye to traditional plug-in lights, adopt new-style surface mount package and its package, display clearer and more stable color, can realize single-point maintenance, and be more efficient and energy-saving