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        P4led display in the banquet hall of a hotel in Nanning, Guangxi

        Release time:2019-10-31

        P4 indoor led display parameters:

             Point spacing: 4mm

             Module size: 256*128

             Density: 625mm

             Brightness: 1500nits

             led standard: SMD2121

             Protection level: IP31

             Best viewing distance: 4m~50m



        1. Using high-quality chips, it has large luminescence, uniform color, low light decay and large viewing angle.

            2. The synchronization system can realize the synchronization of the screen video and audio playback and the computer, which is simple and convenient.

            3. Aluminum cabinet or ultra-thin cabinet can be used. The light weight can be wall-mounted or hoisted, and the appearance is generous and beautiful. Especially suitable for the needs of the hotel environment.

            4. Hotel LED display has been widely used in service hotels in various cities, and has played a good role in improving the image and popularity and rendering the atmosphere of various activities hosted by the unit.

            5. Play the role of a bulletin board. Play the role of product promotion to attract customers.

            6. Play the role of setting off the atmosphere of the scene. Through the display screen, it is possible to play welcome speeches of superior leaders and various VIPs to visit and guide, and celebration speeches or videos of various major festivals.

            It is undeniable that the ultimate goal of merchants setting up billboards is to promote product information, attract target customers, and make the greatest possible profit. The hotel’s outdoor LED display has become the first choice of corporate publicity for this purpose.

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