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        Shenzhen Longyou Media Indoor LED Display Case

        Release time:2019-12-25

        Longyou Media is mainly engaged in film and television multimedia design, cultural event planning, stage art modeling planning, corporate image planning, marketing planning, exhibition planning, etiquette celebrations and other planning activities; it is a company that is constantly developing and growing, only less than one year old. In the period of time, he quickly became a leader in the industry and enjoyed an excellent reputation.


        Recently, the company has established a plan for future development, based on the present to improve its own strength, and then introduced the most popular large-screen device on the market, LED display, as the background large screen of the company’s small stage, which is convenient for acceptance. After various planned activities, rehearsals, performances, etc. will be displayed to customers.


        In addition, the LED display can also be used as a large-screen display device in the conference room. The speaker operates in front of the computer and transmits the picture information to the LED display for clear presentation, making the meeting more efficient and the picture clearer , The stability is several grades higher than traditional projectors. Winbond's indoor high-definition LED display has stable pictures, no ripples and no black screens. The video pictures are delicate and smooth, and the edges of the dynamic display pictures are clear; it has good dynamic expression and can accurately restore the image information, making it more suitable as an event stage , So that the meeting has a stronger ability to transmit information, and it also has adaptive sensory adjustment equipment, which will not affect the screen display effect due to the environment.


        Parameters of this project:

        Product model: HBY-YN2.5

        Brightness: 600-1200nits

        Full screen resolution: 160000

        Module size: 320*160mm

        Contrast ratio: 7000:1

        Average power: 325W

        Pixel pitch: 2.5mm

        Refresh rate: 3840

        Service life: 100,000 hours

        Contractor: Shenzhen Huabangying Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.


        With the efforts of Winbond’s installation engineers, this LED display project has been successfully completed. After a series of tests, it has been successfully put into use; Winbond’s Optoelectronics once again thanks Longyou Media’s trust and hopes that your company can flourish. Swing up. Editor’s note: According to market survey statistics, indoor high-definition LED displays, small-pitch LED displays, and LCD splicing screens have been selected by 90% of enterprises as their internal large-screen display devices. While demonstrating their own strength, they also Can bring great convenience to the company's daily work


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        整屏分辨率:160000       像素間距:2.5mm, 壽命:100000h
        模組尺寸:320*160mm   刷新率:3840          亮度:600-1200nits